Engaged or vacant

I traveled down to London recently on the train, it was a Virgin branded old Intercity 125. Whilst traveling down, from where I was sitting I noticed fellow passengers trying the toilet door, several passengers tried before realizing it was engaged.

Hidden push paddle

Recently I used a paper towel dispenser. It was straight forward to use, clear affordance1 to pull the paper down and tear to use and graphics to support this action. However, the paper teared inside the semi translucent covering, and there wasn’t enough room for my hand to pull the paper towel down further.

Just Eat – order total on mobile device

I really like the Just Eat service, I usually use the site on my desktop computer to order food but the other day I decided to use the iPhone and I came across a baffle UI issue which had me stumped for a few minutes before I worked out why I couldn’t progress.

Diversity at conferences

I signed up to the Diversity Charter a few weeks ago. If you’re like me and you believe in range of opinions from different social & cultural backgrounds makes for better ideas and design, surely it would improve conferences as well.

Availability for volunteering

Just a quick note, I’m making some time available to do some volunteering for non-profit or charities. Ideally this would be in the evening, maybe 1 or 2 days a week.

If you have a project that maybe requires web design & development skills, or artwork and branding, get in touch via email or use Twitter.


This is my second time starting a blog, the first I deleted after not being happy with the content and writing often enough. I thought that it might actually be nice to document my thoughts on the design of everyday things that frustrate or puzzle me, as well as projects, conferences and workshops I have attended.